How to Convert PDF to OCR

Method 1:Online Converter



Method 2: Adobe Acrobat Professional


Load Adobe Acrobat Professional. The OCR feature of Acrobat Professional is not available through the web browser plug-in, so loading the actual program is necessary.


Load a PDF document with text that you cannot select to copy and paste. Such documents usually are produced by scanning a document and saving the document in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. (See Resources for a sample document, if you wish to practice with one.)


Menu Options to Choose OCR Text Recognition Run OCR on the document. In Adobe Acrobat Professional, click the "Document" menu, then select "OCR Text Recognition" and then click "Recognize Text Using OCR."

4. OCR Options

Choose the applicable OCR options. Once you click "Recognize Text Using OCR," a new window will pop up asking you to select the page range on which you want to run OCR. You can run OCR on the entire PDF file, or you may restrict the OCR recognition to only a few pages. Once you choose how many pages on which you want to run OCR, click "OK." Acrobat Professional will now begin to recognize the text in the pages of your document.

5.OCR: Creates a searchable and selectable PDF file

Search for text, once OCR is complete, and copy and paste text just as you could with a PDF distilled from Microsoft Word. Note, however, that the OCR technology is not perfect. OCR may not properly recognize certain words and may miss some text entirely. OCR works best with perfectly clear images of the text, something that is not always possible with scanned documents.